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The Sigurd Vedal Show

Jan 7, 2021

🎙Our podcast guest on The Sigurd Vedal Show today is the young and inspiring go-getter, Trevor Oldham! 🔥
Trevor started his company, Podcasting You, from his dorm as a junior in college after seeing first-hand results from being a podcast guest and being able to speak directly to his ideal audience in a 1-on-1...

Jan 6, 2021

🎙In this podcast episode of The Sigurd Vedal Show, I chat to Vick Tipnes! 🔥 Vick sheds some valuable insight on the process of creating true value and a world-class, successful business! 💥
For those who don’t know, Vick Tipnes is a true success story! 🙌 He built a multi-million-dollar company, lost it...

Jan 5, 2021

We´ve all been asking for more time. Covid gave you time to look at your life and ask yourself: `Am I actually living the life that I am proud of, that I am meant for, the one that my kids would be proud of, my family would be proud of?` If you´re happy with where you are, and you just want to fine-tune it, adjust it,...

Dec 6, 2020

You are busy, but how can you maximize your time as an entrepreneur? One trick is to leverage your exercise time to learn new skills. Learn how Sigurd maximizes his exercise time every day!
⏳⏰TIME is our #1 most important asset! How are YOU making the most of your 24 hours? 💥
Guys, your comments and...

Dec 3, 2020

Sigurd talks with Scuba Dive instructor, Antoine, and explores the environmental impact that is affecting the ocean and how we can change our perspective on the environmental impact daily.
Listen as we discuss the serious topic of climate change in the beautiful Maldives! 🔥🏝🤿
How are YOU doing your part...