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The Sigurd Vedal Show

Dec 3, 2020

Sigurd talks with Scuba Dive instructor, Antoine, and explores the environmental impact that is affecting the ocean and how we can change our perspective on the environmental impact daily.
Listen as we discuss the serious topic of climate change in the beautiful Maldives! 🔥🏝🤿
How are YOU doing your part to be the change? 🦋🌅
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Sigurd Vedal is an American-Norwegian serial entrepreneur; brand architect; investor; life, business & relationship coach; and public speaker.
He’s the CEO and owner of Vedal Holding Group, with a range of global companies and brands, generating millions of turnover annually, and growing.
Sigurd’s field of expertise lies in e-commerce sites and online brands. In addition to this, he’s a passionate tech startup investor, and he owns an impressive portfolio of real estate.
He has recently launched Sigurd Vedal University. SVU, at its core, has a mission of changing the world through educating the world — filling the gap of fundamental knowledge required for happiness and success.
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